Bad Neighbors: How To deal With Them

Published: 14th September 2010
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You may find a beautiful home or an ideal apartment but you would pass it up if you know that you are going to have bad neighbors. The best way to deal with bad neighbors is to avoid them. You can do this by making your research ahead of time. If you like the neighborhood, try to get to know the people better. You can talk to the people living there by introducing yourself and telling them that you intend to move there. Get as much information as you can especially to the type of people in your block.

No matter how careful you are, there will always be a possibility that you will end up living next to an inconsiderate, self-centered, neighbor. Your neighbor might enjoy gossiping about you and your family. They can be very noisy too. There are neighbors who host party almost every day or invite friends over frequently, and make a lot of noise. So how will you deal with that? What will you to make living in that neighborhood more comfortable?

How will you deal with bad neighbors?

Talking to them would be the best thing you can do. If they did something to offend you or cause you any trouble or problem, talk to them right away. However, you have to be polite. If they are creating intolerable noise, then go up to their door and ask them in a nice way to lower their voices or minimize the noise. Most would apologize and deal with the issue. By talking, you will be able to resolve the problem without creating an uncomfortable relationship.

If your neighbor does not listen to you and continues to give you headache, then take note of these incidents. Make sure you document the details of the incident. This includes the date, the time, and the details of what happened. If you can take a photo and video, then do so. This will be a good reference in the future. Also, you can have evidence if the incident becomes a serious legal issue. You can also use this when drafting a letter addressed to your neighbor.

Be familiar with the HOA rules so that you will know when your neighbor is going overboard. HOA rules protect the all the residents. It will surely have something on unruly neighbors. In addition to knowing the rules, you should also learn about the necessary steps to take if ever you file a complaint against your neighbor. What is the first thing you need to do? What will you do if that fails? You will most likely find the answers in your manual.

If you want to have good neighbors, be one. you should also evaluate yourself and check if you have been a good neighbor. Do you make a lot of noise when you have friends over? Are you considerate of the feelings of your neighbors? Do you listen to them when they have complains? You cannot expect them to be nice to you if you are unpleasant to them.

Talking to your neighbors is the best way to iron differences. You can even invite them to your place to get to know them better. However, if this does not solve the issue, then talk to your HOA reps.

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