Finding Good Renters

Published: 27th July 2009
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If you are a property owner, it is important for you to find a good tenant to rent your place. Unfortunately, good renters are difficult to find. It is not easy to get to know a person during the first meeting. If you are going to talk to interested renters, they will most likely say what you want to hear. They will surely try to impress you.

Before looking for renters, it is best that you know the type of renters you want. Establish the different traits of what a good renter is for you. Knowing what the type of tenants you want to have will make the search much easier.

Characteristics of a good tenant

One important trait of a good tenant is that he knows how to follow the imposed conditions and agreements. Aside from understanding the rules and regulations, he has to know how to adhere to those as well. He should also care for your property. He should not only keep it clean and organized, he should also avoid damaging it. He has to be responsible if he invites friends over. They should keep their noise under control and see to it that they do not destroy any of the property.

The renter has to communicate with the owner too. If there are damages that have to be repaired, he has to inform the owner immediately. He can do it personally or through a letter. Most importantly, he should inform the property owner ahead of time if he is going to vacate the property. This way, the owner will have ample time to look for a new tenant.

Finding the good tenant

Now that you know the kind of tenant you are looking for, you should start attracting different renters. You can do this by having a competitive price. Most renters will check your property if your rent is less expensive than the competition. The more tenants you attract, the better. This will give you the opportunity to choose the best renter.

Study the market, check who your competitions are. Find out their strengths in terms of amenities and other features. Once you have identified these, find a way to gain an edge. What better amenities and feature can you offer? Make the tenants choose you. Maybe you can add gym equipment at home or other features. This will entice renters to check your property and choose it over your competitor.

People should know that you are looking for renters. You can post it on Twitter or Facebook. You can also post announcements on free ad sites. Let your neighbors, friends, family and even existing renters know about it. Prepare your screening questions so that you can interview the potential tenant when they contact you right away.

Finding a good renter is not an easy job. This is why you have to develop a strategy to make them stay once you found him. You can offer discounts and prizes. Maybe you can give a bag of grocery during his first year of stay. Although this is a simple gesture, this will definitely give him a reason to stay.

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