How Trees Can Protect Your Home from Heat

Published: 11th April 2010
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We stay at home because we want to rest and be comfortable. However, we cannot achieve this if it is blazing hot. It is a great thing that we have air conditioning unit. Aside from the AC, we can also rely on trees to moderate the temperature. They will not only protect our home from heat, but they will also help reduce the temperature in the surroundings.

They are also our home's protector from the different environmental hazards such strong winds, rains and rays of the sun. Aside from providing us comfort, they can also help us in many ways. They clean the air we breathe and they provide us with sufficient supply of oxygen. Deciduous trees are among the best because they can reduce excruciating heat. These trees can also help warm you up in the winter.

Trees are the best forms of protection from the sun and more, here is why:

1. The trees reduce the level of heat in the environment. The trees have leaves that which shields its surroundings from the strong rays of the sun. This is better than man-made sheds. If you will try to compare it, the shade from the tree feels cooler than the artificial shades. You also have to keep in mind that there are several aspects that can contribute to heighten the heat. Among them are the different structures like buildings. Trees can help regulate the heat circulating in the area.

2. Aside from buildings, there are other things that can trap the heat such as asphalt and concrete. These are two of the widely used materials in most neighborhoods. This is more reason for residents and homeowners to plant trees in their backyard. With more trees around, the effect of trapped heat in these materials will not be felt.

3. Trees do not only deal with the heat. They also deal with the different pollutants. Trees clean the air by filtering the dust and other pollutants. They also give off oxygen that we all use to breathe. In addition to that, trees and other plants absorb Carbon Dioxide, one of the main pollutants in our environment. CO2 forms part of their food. Without trees, such pollutants will contribute in damaging our surroundings as well as contribute to the greenhouse gas.

4. More trees also reduce the use of artificial freshener, air and shade. This means that the environment becomes healthier for us. If the air is clean. We do not have to use air filters and fresheners. If we have a cooler environment, we will be able to reduce the use of air conditioning. This will lower our utility bills and will reduce the emission of pollutants into the environment.

5. Trees can also improve your home value. Trees are among the best tools to improve the curb appeal of your property. There are cultured trees you can use. They can provide beauty and the other elements that the regular trees provide. They come in different forms and sizes. The color of the leaves vary too.

Trees do not only provide shade, they clean air and add aesthetic beauty as well.

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