Neighborhood Block Party: How to Organize One

Published: 18th June 2010
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Neighbors used to be best of friends. They plan vacation together and they are comfortable when their children are next door. However, that closeness is no longer present in most neighborhoods today. Families are too busy to even get to know their neighbors better. Some do not even bother to welcome new movers in the community. This is because of the demands of time. A stop at a neighbor's door to make an introduction seems like a waste of time. If you do not want this to happen to your community, why not organize a neighborhood block party?

Organizing a neighborhood block party is not easy. However, with a few tricks, you will surely pull it off. Here are some tips.

1. Make sure that you have a good plan. This will ensure the success of the event. The first on the list is to decide on the date. When is the best day to hold the event? You can call some of your neighbors to ask about the perfect date. Avoid picking a holiday because most will have plans during that day. A weekend will be a good choice. Just verify which weekend is ideal for most of your neighbors.

2. Once you have the date, you will need a good location next. The location should be accessible. If possible, pick one that is within the neighborhood. This will be easier to set up. Your HOA may even help you out with the said event. See to it that the area you will pick have enough space. Children will need a place to run around. Aside from the activities, you will need a space for tables and chairs and other equipment that will be used during the party.

3. Make sure that you will have a budget. In some parties, no contribution or fund raising is needed because neighbors are willing to pitch in. However, this is not the case for all neighborhoods. Your HOA may have budget allocation for events like this. If there is none, make sure you have enough funds for the party.

4. Prepare and distribute the invitation. First, you have to decide who will be invited. You can invite your neighbors from your street and from other nearby streets. You will not be able to invite everyone especially if there are a lot of residents in your community. Make sure that you have a list of neighbors who will attend.

5. Prepare programs and activities for the children and the adults. If there are games, you should not forget about the prizes and materials that will be used. This is important so that your guests will not get bored.

Make sure that you pay attention to details as well. This includes the food, drinks and all the things need to pull off the party. Find help if necessary. Set up the place before the guests arrives. Moreover, make sure that everything is ready so that you will not stress out yourself during the party.

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