Septic Systems: What You Need to Know About Them

Published: 15th June 2010
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Among the most important parts of the house that are commonly neglected is the septic system. This system is essential because it manages the water wastes in our house. Managing the said waste is important because improper disposal of water waste can lead to hygiene and health problems. It is also important that the homeowners know a thing or two about septic systems.

How does a septic system works, you might ask. The water waste goes through this system. The system processes the waste to make it acceptable for the environment. It decomposes the waste by providing an environment that the waste cannot tolerate. Those areas that are away from sewage utilize tanks to process the waste. After being processed inside the tank, it disposes it to the drain field. If the waste is not processed well, it can put the environment at risk. It can also be a threat to the health of the people living in that area as it can contaminate the water.

What makes it important?

There are several reasons why such system is important. As mentioned earlier, it manages the water waste. What would happen to your home if you do not have a septic system? Waste from your toilet, lavatory and laundry will just be disposed at your backyard. What will this do to you and the environment? It will not only produce odor but it will also invite insects, fungi and bacteria, posing problems to the people living in your area.

There are several types of septic system. Knowing them is important so that you will know what suit your home best. There are two major classifications of septic system, the conventional system and the alternative system. The conventional system has two types of systems. There is the gravity system and the pressure distribution system. As the name suggests, the gravity system utilizes gravity to drain the wastes. In order for the waste to be treated, water waste goes through a number of trenches. This allows the waste to be more acceptable to the environment. There is also the pressure distribution system. Here, a pump is used to drain the wastewater and distribute it to the drain field.

Under the alternative system, there are three types. The aerobic treatment unit, mound septic system and the sand filter system. The aerobic treatment unit adds air to the wastewater. This helps the break down the organic matter. The mound system, on the other hand, is used when the soil are shallow. And there is the sand filter system. Here, the sand is used to treat the water before it is drained to the drained field.

Proper maintenance of the septic system is important because the leaks can spell trouble. Damages on the septic system can cause improper decomposition of water waste. This will also produce bad smell that will affect even your neighbors. You can ask your contractor about maintenance requirements or consult an expert to handle the issue.

Septic systems are essential at home to deal with the water waste. However, to ensure that it handles the wastes properly, you need to maintain it properly too.

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